Whether your missionary is serving domestically or abroad, there are a few simple, touching gifts that will remind them they are loved and supported at home.

No matter how much a missionary loves their mission, they are always going to yearn for home during holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Those at home have the opportunity to brighten a missionary’s day by helping them feel loved, but not distracted. Heartfelt gifts are the best way to show love to your missionary.

Here are five ideas for heartfelt gifts to send your missionary’s way:

1) Message Book

Send out an email or Facebook message to all your missionary’s friends, former companions, or those who are close to them. Ask them to write a short note about what they love about your missionary. Compile them and send a little book made of all the sweet messages encouraging your missionary.

2) Calendar

Missionaries are always looking at the calendar for planning and preparing. I loved having a calendar that had different pictures of my family for each month as well as birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events that were going on throughout the year back home. As a missionary, you get so caught up in what is going on in the field that you forget or lose track of time and of what those you love back home are experiencing. I loved being able to look at the calendar every day and take a minute to think about what those back home were doing before I started my day.

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