Many times those who so adamantly oppose The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saintswill deploy a “Big List” tactic to convince members or other individuals that the church is not true.

What we wanted to do here is the exactly same thing only in reverse. Ultimately one doesn’t become truly converted without a testimony being born by the Holy Ghost but we figured if they have their “Big List” we ought to produce one of our own. Sometimes you just need to play a little offense and not constantly be on the defensive. On their own, no one piece of evidence can be held as a standard as to the truthfulness of the church. However, collectively put together, this list goes a long way in providing other non spiritual proofs as to why The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true.

1- Witnesses

“In addition to Joseph Smith, 11 official witnesses and several unofficial witnesses testified to the existence of the plates and, in some cases, to dramatic supernatural confirmation of their truth. Meticulous research on these witnesses has confirmed their good character and the veracity of their accounts” –

2- Why Involve Witnesses at All?

If you are going to conspire this great conspiracy of making up “Golden Plates” and the whole back story of the Book of Mormon, why involve any witnesses at all that could just spill the beans and ruin the whole foundation of the church?

3- Nahom

Was it just blind luck that the rare place name Nahom in the Book of Mormon, identified as the place where Ishmael was buried, turns out to correspond to an ancient burial site right where the Book of Mormon says it is? Jeff Lindsay

4- Scriptures Written on Gold Plates

“What is more, although the Prophet’s critics found his claim of angelic visits and gold plates ridiculous, we now know that the writing of religious texts on metal plates (sometimes on gold), was an authentic ancient practice. Indeed, the ancient practice now is known to have occurred at precisely the era and place from which Book of Mormon peoples came. In fact, with the Copper Scroll and other materials from the Dead Sea, we have an almost exact parallel: like the ancient Nephite plates, these materials were sealed up in a hillside just prior to military disaster, to preserve them for a future time.” –

5- Martin Harris

Why would a prosperous man who by many accounts from non-Mormons was a respectable and man full of integrity stand by his testimony when it only brought harm to him.

6- Joseph Smith

How could Joseph Smith make up dozens of names in the Book of Mormon that would later be shown to be authentic ancient Semitic names?


7- River Laman

How does one account for the recent discovery of a plausible candidate for the River Laman, continuously flowing into the Red Sea as the Book of Mormon indicates, in spite of the repeated claims of critics that no such river exists? Reference

8- Reform Egyptian

“The Book of Mormon claims to have been written in “reformed Egyptian” (Morm. 9:32). Most who have studied the subject conclude that this signifies writing the Hebrew language in modified Egyptian characters. In recent years, we have learned that several ancient documents were written in precisely that fashion.” –

9- Never denied their witness of the plates

How did Joseph get several of the witnesses of the original golden plates to never deny their experiences with the golden plates even after they were angry with him and when some of them left the church?

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