When was the last time you listened to your patriarchal blessing? Have you ever read it out loud? How often do you read your blessing? Your patriarchal blessing is a letter from God, it will help guide and shape your choices and life! As President Monson put it. “A patriarchal blessing literally contains chapters from your book of eternal possibilities.” As a missionary, I viewed helping the converts and less-actives I worked with to receive their patriarchal blessing as a vital step in preparation for the Temple.

3 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Patriarchal Blessing

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“Your blessing is not to be folded neatly and tucked away. It is not to be framed or published. Rather, it is to be read. It is to be loved. It is to be followed. Your patriarchal blessing will see you through the darkest night.” Thomas S. Monson

Faithful study of your patriarchal blessing can provide insight and guidance for you whole life, so the question becomes, how can I get more out of my patriarchal blessing? Here are 3 ways to get more out of your patriarchal blessing!

1.  To get more out of your Patriarchal Blessing the first step is to receive it!

The requirements to get a patriarchal blessing are simple. Be a Baptized and Confirmed member of the Church who is keeping your baptismal covenant. Your membership in the Church is the only thing that is required. So if you don’t have one just ask your bishop he can help prepare you to receive your blessing!

A vast cultural issue that is prevalent within the church is “wait till you will understand it.” So I did that, I waited for over 10 years after I was baptized to get my patriarchal blessing.

Guess what? Even at 18 years old I did not understand it, heck at 24 I still learn “new” things! Personally I regret that I let others discourage me from getting my patriarchal blessing. To think I could’ve had a personal letter from my Father that I could turn to when I was a young teenager and I had a crisis of faith. I made it through it, but how many youth don’t?

It is just foolishness, your patriarchal blessing will be the same if you get it at 8, 18 or 88. The only difference is how long you live without the guidance it gives. Considering all the challenges and trials that await the teenage years why do we discourage our youth from receiving it? So what if they don’t understand it? The little bits they do will help them prepare and survive the most dangerous phase of membership the pre-endowment phase. Ponder the words of the Prophet.

3 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Patriarchal Blessing

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“Your patriarchal blessing is your passport to peace in this life. It is a Liahona of light to guide you unerringly to your heavenly home” Thomas S. Monson.

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