On September 27, 2015, I did a Periscope broadcast of the super blood moon eclipse. I had nearly 17,000 live viewers from all over the world that night and over 2,400 comments during the live broadcast (click here to view the replay of the broadcast). Many of the people on the broadcast were talking about how this was a sign of the times or that it meant that the end was coming. I somewhat ignored them because I wanted people to be able to enjoy the beauty of the eclipse and the super blood moon. I have often thought about how there are many people who are afraid of the signs that signify that the second coming of Jesus Christ is near.

Members of the LDS faith (and really any believing Christians) shouldn’t be afraid of the second coming of Jesus Christ. A speech by Jeffrey R Holland​ helped clarify the difference between sensationalism and preparedness for me. I wanted to share my main takeaways from the talk: Terror Triumph and a Wedding Feast.

1. Live your life now.

Plant trees. Get an education. Go after your dreams. Get married. Set goals for your life. Don’t be paralyzed by fear of a possible impending doom because of the signs of the times. We live in the latter-days, but we should LIVE our lives as if we were building forever. Here is Elder Holland:

“We should watch for the signs and read the meaning of the seasons, we should live as faithfully as we possibly can, and we should share the gospel with everyone so that blessings and protections will be available to all. But we cannot and must not be paralyzed just because that event and the events surrounding it are out there ahead of us somewhere. We cannot stop living life. Indeed, we should live life more fully than we have ever lived it before. After all, this is the dispensation of the fulness of times.”

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