1.  Study Scriptures About Christ

The best way to keep Christ in Christmas is to go to the source, the scriptures, and learn about Christ: his birth, life, death, and teachings. Studying the life of Jesus Christ, especially on a daily basis, will bring Christ into your life, especially at Christmas time.

Improve your study of the word of Godwith these scripture study techniques.

2.  Keep a Christmas Journal

A simple, yet effective way to focus your thoughts upon Christ during Christmas is to keep a journal and write your thoughts about Him in it. All you need is a little notebook and a pen/pencil to get you started. Write down what you’re thankful for, how you feel, and what hopes you have for the Christmas season. Write about past experiences, including those at Christmas time, and how you’ve seen the hand of God in your life. Share those Christmas traditions that remind you of Christ.

Putting your thoughts to paper is a powerful way to change the focus of your thoughts, and having a Christmas journal will help you keep Christ in Christmas.

3.  Focus Decorations on Christ

Decorate your home with pictures of Christ, from both His birth and life. You can put up decorations that feature the birth of Christ including a nativity scene and Christmas advent calendar. Be creative as you decorate for the holiday. Hang up words and sayings about Christ and Christmas such as, “Christ – The Reason for the Season” and “Christ = Christmas.” If you can’t find Christ centered decorations you can make your own.

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