(via Meridian Magazine)

I now know why the Lord wanted me to serve a mission here in El Paso, Texas, and to wait until I’m 25 to come. In our ward council meetings we discussed focusing our efforts on prospective elders and less active members. We felt it was important since there are so many of them in the typical ward.

Sister Rackley and I felt like we needed to focus on them this past Sunday, but we were not having any luck. They had either moved or just weren’t home. Finally, as we were on our last house… It happened. Carlos was home! As we introduced ourselves we asked him to share his story with us.

He said: “I was just thinking about going back to church these past few weeks, I can’t believe you’re here,” after he softly put his hands over his face, trying to hold back the tears.

He told us that he fell away from the church because he stopped doing the little things, such as prayer, scripture study, and church. Those are the things that keep us on the right path.

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