Dear President Giles,

“Our life began in Haiti, where ninety percent of the population is illiterate and education is secondary to survival.  The situation in my country is critical; corruption exists in all forms of government, especially at the top.  This has affected businesses, and unemployment continues to rise.  This coupled, with natural disasters, have left many starving and others barely able to survive.

We were very fortunate to have parents who sacrificed to make it possible for us to attend a Catholic Girls’ School.  There we began to develop our faith in Jesus Christ.  As we were growing up and attending catechism at the Catholic School, I had many unanswered questions about religion.  Although I had many doubts about the Catholic Religion, I decided to be part of them, feeling that the Catholic Church was the closest one to Christ’s original Church.

In my country of Haiti, we had heard people saying that LDS missionaries are either FBI or CIA.  Wanting to know the truth, when I was seventeen years old, I saw the missionaries passing by my house and I called them to question them about their beliefs, and most especially, to ask if they were really FBI or CIA.  The missionaries smiled and invited us, me, Rousseline, my sister, Rousselene, and our little sister, Rousselande, to go to church and see for ourselves.

When Sunday came, I did go to their church, and that Sunday was a fast and testimony meeting.  I became curious when a missionary bore his testimony and said:  “I know that this is the only true church.”

“There are thousands of churches all over, so I thought how can he say, “this is the only true church?”  So I decided to take the missionary lessons with my sisters in order to know more about “this only true church.”

The third missionary lesson, which is now the first one, is my favorite, because it talks about the Prophet Joseph Smith.  A prophet has been called for our time!!!  This is amazing.  This was the answer to a question that I had asked my Mother a year before: “Mother, why don’t we have any more prophets on earth?”  Mother did not know the answer:  At that moment I knew it was true.  It made sense that our Heavenly Father would call a prophet for our time.

After that discussion with the missionaries, our Father did not want them to come teach us anymore.  Father said to the missionaries:  “My children have a Bible; they don’t need any more Bible.”  I was amazed to hear my Father saying that because I had just read that language in 2 Neph1 29:3 from the Book of Mormon.  “Father was making a prophecy accomplished”, said I to Mother.  This was again another testimony to me.

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