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Author: Dustin Taylor

BYU Grad Accidentally Kills Cancer

Every cancer cell was dead. Examining the tissue culture dish in his Penn State lab in 2008, BYU alumnus Craig M. Meyers (BS ’82, MS ’84) wasn’t sure what had happened. Seven days earlier those same cells had been alive and well. Meyers had directed an assistant to introduce a special virus (called adeno-associated virus type 2 [AAV2]) into the cell lines of cancerous human papillomavirus (HPV) cells and leave it all in an incubator. Now to see them all dead, he suspected they’d made a mistake. “Our first thought was . . . that there was something wrong...

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How Missionaries Get Sick and How to Avoid it

No matter how righteous missionaries are, they still get sick sometimes.  It’s almost statistically impossible not to get sick as a missionary. And getting sick takes time away from the work of the Lord.  No missionary likes to be sick or to have an ill companion. but sometimes, it just happens. Most Common Sicknesses The three most common diseases-by-contact for missionaries are colds, flu and norovirus.  All three of these are passed from person to person by microparticles which are carried in microdroplets and passed from person.  While any of these can be airborne, it is pretty uncommon to...

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(VIDEO) American Returned Missionary Sings Beautiful Song He Wrote In Filipino

Watch Michael, a returned missionary who served in the Philippines sing a beautiful song he wrote, in Filipino (Ilonggo). Enjoy! [youtube]   *Follow Michael’s Facebook page here: *Check out free resources on LDS Missions on Prepare to Serve and...

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Sneak A Peek At The New LDS Mission Index On

If you enjoy watching Prepare to Serve video interviews with returned missionaries, you should be pretty excited about this. will soon host custom-built, embeddable video players for each mission, so that you’ll be able to easily browse all the video interviews for each mission. Here’s an example of what the mission video players look like: It takes a good chunk of time to create 450 of these mission video players, so it may take until the end of the summer for them all to be completed, but we’re adding new mission video players every week. Simply click on your mission in this Lifey LDS Mission Index to see what resource we’ve created for your mission so far. And if you live in the Utah area and would like to share your mission stories on the Prepare to Serve YouTube channel, email [email protected] ....

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LDS missionary finds his own Jr. Jazz jersey while serving in Africa

Parker Strong, a 19-year-old from Centerville, Utah, sat on a tro-tro in West Africa. The Ghanaian public transportation was overcrowded and passengers began to pass their goods back for others to help hold. Strong was handed a goat to keep on his lap. It breathed on his face and he looked out the window at the rain forest he was driving through. “In that moment it just hit me,” Strong said. “‘I’m in the middle of West Africa.’” Strong, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was called to serve in the Ghana Accra Mission...

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