Our Requirements

Thank you for your interest in advertising on LDSmissionaries.com!  We love to work with businesses whose products and services reflect the core values of the LDS Missionaries website and which uphold the standards put forth in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.

How to Apply

If you are interested in advertising on our website, please email the following to us at: [email protected] 

  1. Your website URL.
  2. The product you would like to advertise on our website.
  3. The best contact information for you.

Why Advertise LDSMissionaries.com?

If you are LDS, or have LDS-related products that you would like to get exposure for, this is the perfect place to get found. We love promoting worthy causes. We have a very active following of over 515,000 likes that is growing by the hundreds every day (look on the right side of the page to see where we are now). We post to this page more than once daily and we consistently get over ONE MILLION impressions per week on our FB page! There are multiple options of where your ad will can be placed. We will talk to you in determining the best possible location for your ad on our site, based on your budget. If you have the perfect product or service for our demographic of LDS Missionary-fans and families, please reach out to us and we would love to work with you!

Where Can I Place My Ad?

There are many places to place your ad and options including the following:

  • Display Advertising
  • Sponsored Blog Post (Most popular)
  • Featured Freemium Facebook Page Posts*
  • LDSmissionaries.com “Missionary Resources Page”
  • LDS Missionaries Newsletter Subscriber Email List Blast
  • Combination Package of any of the above.

*We have a very good relationship with our Facebook following and we will almost never run a direct promotion on our Facebook page. It isn’t impossible, but we will only do this if it is the perfect fit. We will however, run a “freemium” (something that you give away for free that leads people to your website where you can then advertise). Freemium posts tend to generate a LOT of traffic and and good will, are a great marketing tactic. We highly recommend them.



Advertising Options