How to Video Call with Your Missionary on Skype or Google+ Hangouts

How to Video Call with Your Missionary on Skype or Google+ Hangouts

There is only an hour for you to talk with your missionary, only two times the whole year. You don’t want to waste precious time fiddling with technology. This post is here to help you be technology-ready.

Many people may have used Skype or Google Plus before and have done this, but maybe not with multiple users in multiple locations and maybe not with Google Plus (which allows you to broadcast and record the entire conversation for free to watch later). If you already are a technology whiz, don’t worry about watching the videos below. However, those who have never used Skype or Google Plus may find the following tutorial videos very helpful to prepare for the video call with your missionary. 

If you need inspiration to know what you ask, here are 21 Questions to ask your missionary during the Christmas Call.

If you are on a PC, watch this video to set up a Skype call:

Most people will do a single call with all who are in the room, but there will be some who want to skype with someone who is not in the same house. When this is the case and most of the family is in Utah, but you want your missionary to be able to see your kids in Boston as well as California, you may want to set up a Group Skype, or a Google Plus Hangout (if this is allowed for your missionary).

Here is how to set up a group Skype:

And here is how to set up a Google Plus Hangout allowing multiple users from multiple locations (if your missionary can):

Every mission’s rules for calling may vary, but if it is allowed, I would recommend doing a Google Plus Hangout On Air because this not only will allow other people to just watch who may want to, but then you will have a recording of the conversation that you can keep forever. YouTube (Google) actually records the whole conversation and you will be able to pull it up later at any time. It will just be on the YouTube account of whoever initiated the hangout. Here is how to do a Google Hangout on Air:

I hope this has helped you to have the most enjoyable experience on your video call with your missionary!

If you need inspiration to know what you ask, here are 21 Questions to ask your missionary during the Christmas Call.


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  1. Is there an easy way to record a Skype video call? I’ve seen some applications that can do it but some are pretty big bucks! Will be listening to our son’s first Christmas video call this Thursday…very excited!!!

    • Bernard, you might try techsmith or Jing. Those are both free. They may make you record in 5 minute increments though. Camtasia is another one. You could do a free 30 day trial with them and it will still let you record the whole thing (no 5 min limit). Good luck! I’m assuming you can’t use Google+ because this is a feature of Google+ that is already a free part of it and it automatically posts it to YouTube after. You do have to do a Google plus Hangout On Air or it won’t record it. Hope this helps! Enjoy your call either way. Just be present with your missionary, even if you can’t record it. 🙂

  2. is so much easier – allows for up to 50 attendees, for 40 minutes on the FREE account (Start another meeting for just the family & spend your remaining 20 minutes visiting, etc.), pay for the smallest package (Under $20 for a month) & have unlimited attendees for unlimited time. Recording features & chatting, etc included!! SO much easier than losing skype calls, not being able to figure out why someone’s camera or audio isn’t working, etc. !! Give it a try!!

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