21 Questions to Get the Most Out of Your Christmas Missionary Phone...

21 Questions to Get the Most Out of Your Christmas Missionary Phone Call

21 Questions to Get The Most Out of Your Christmas Missionary Phone Call

Are you excited to talk to your missionary on Christmas!?? Well, you should be. So what are you going to say on your missionary phone call? What will you ask your missionary? How can you spend your time best? What can you talk about without making them too homesick?

Well here are some great questions to help you help you help your missionary to keep their mind on the mission. This might help so that you don’t just cry the whole time and make them homesick. 🙂

***For some technology tips on how NOT to waste precious time with technology and a way to record your entire video call for free, click here.

1. When was the last time you laughed with your companion and why? What makes you laugh in your area? How do you stay light hearted?

2. What has your mission president been doing to inspire the mission? What do you love about your mission president?

3. Tell us in person about the last miracle you witnessed…When was the last time you saw an answer to prayer?

Missionary phone call questions

4. What do you like about your companion? Do have fun in the work together?

5. Are there any inside jokes in your mission? What is your current mission theme right now?

Missionary Christmas Phone Call

6. How are your clothes holding up? How are your feet?

7. Have you found any new investigators from your past investigators in your area book?


8. What was your favorite meal from members during the mission so far?

9. Are there street vendors in your area? Do they offer good food? Do you snack during the day between lessons?

10. What has been your favorite P-day activity so far?


11. Do you do a lot of service in your area? What service projects have you done?

12. How many progressing investigators do you have right now? Any new ones since the last email?


13. How much do you work on retention in your area? Are there a lot of less active members?

14. What is your favorite smell in your area right now? Least favorite?

15. How often do you do laundry? When was the last time you washed your sheets? 🙂


16. What is music like in your ward? Does everyone sing? Does it sound good? Have you had to help with music?

17. What are some of the local sayings and interesting things people say in your area? (if they are in a foreign mission)

18. What’s the scariest thing that has happened to you so far where you have felt protected as a missionary?


19. What do most people do for work in your area or is it pretty mixed?

20. Share with us how has your testimony grown since leaving home? (In your mission language if you want). How has the atonement strengthened you as a missionary?

21. What should we do to be better missionaries at home while you are gone?




What are some other great questions that you will ask your missionary?



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  1. What a great list of questions! Thank you for posting these. Our oldest son just arrived in Belgium last week, and we will use this list to make the most of our Skype time. Thank you!

    • You are so welcome! That is so exciting! I can’t wait to talk to my sister in Malawi. Prayers for your son! Enjoy your call! 🙂

  2. Thank you! This is our families first missionary phone call and I am so appreciative of the great suggestions!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Appreciate the tips 🙂 This is also our families first Missionary Call since our son is in the MExico MTC. Thank you and Happy Holidays!!! 🙂

  4. Missionaries you are so lucky now to be able to talk to your families. As a missionary myself 60 years ago in Finland we were not allowed phone calls. Things change, but the Gospel is the same and also the missionary spirit. God bless you as you serve and much success! Merry Christmas! He is the Gift!

  5. Granddaughter is spending her 2nd Christmas away; last year she was at the MTC and this year she is (finally) in Brazil.

    What are the Christmas customs where you are?

    Please bear us your testimony in Portuguese!

    Can you sing us Silent Night in Portuguese?

  6. this is our last Skype with our missionary, as he will come home on the 30th of December . I find that we have never had a bit of trouble talking with our son….it has always been a great conversation….relaxed and natural and all those questions naturally came up….no script needed!

  7. I am printing these out, posting them behind the TV and assigning them to family members!! Incredible article! Thanks!

  8. We will be doing google hangouts so we can talk with BOTH our missionaries on Christmas. Our son is in the NY NY North mission and his twin sister is serving in the Norway, Oslo mission. It’s been hard coordinating times with them but we are so excited to talk to them both. We will definitely use some of these questions! They will help us keep focused. 🙂

  9. These are wonderful ideas! We’ll be attempting a double chat with our two missionaries. Our son is in the NY NY North Mission and his twin sister is in the Norway, Oslo Mission. These questions will be fun to ask her, especially the smells one. Asking our son these questions should prove interesting also. He’s currently in the Bronx.
    Thanks so much for these suggestions! They will, hopefully, keep us focused!

    Merry Christmas!

  10. These are awesome questions. This will be our 2nd time Skyping our daughter in Taiwan. We didn’t have a list of questions the first time (on Mother’s Day)- we thought the conversation would come easily and naturally but it didn’t and we couldn’t think of things to ask her and she couldn’t think of things to say and so 45 minutes came and went way to fast with the only thing of substance we got from her was her testimony (which was still great but I would have loved to have heard more than just light chit-chat)

  11. I would strongly recommend that you have family prayer with your missionary before your call ends, having your missionary being the “voice” for the prayer! The Spirit is overwhelming when you do!

  12. Thank you so much for posting these good questions. Our son left Japan to England London Mission in August. It is the first time for us to talk on Skipe with our missionary. They will, hopefully, keep us focused!

    Very Merry Christmas!

  13. I just saw this now and my brother will be calling any time now from Ghana. So excited to hear from him. Thank you for the list, will be a better call than the last one. Haha!

  14. This is our second missionary out. My sister encouraged us with our first missionary to end the call with a family prayer. This comforted me as we had to say goodbye.

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