11 People Who Had a Worse Sacrament Meeting than You

11 People Who Had a Worse Sacrament Meeting than You

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11 People Who Had a Worse Sacrament Meeting than You
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1. Say What?

My daughter was bearing her testimony and she was talking about how much she loved our family. She said that “my family does everything together. We walk, we read stories and we do meth together.” I just about fell out of my seat. I kind of felt obligated to go up and bear my testimony and make a slight clarification on how we actually do “math” together and I promised the congregation that we don’t do “meth” together.

2. Craziness at the Podium

“One of the older boys (during the primary program) was reading a scripture and all of a sudden just collapsed. Everyone started to gasp and panic and the bishopric quickly bent down to help him. A few seconds later he got up and back to the podium and said ‘see Dad, I told you I wouldn’t chicken out and now you owe me $10.’ The Dad was so embarrassed he walked out of the Sacrament Meeting. Pretty sure the Dad never thought his son was actually going through with it. Lesson, don’t challenge your kid unless you want to see them excel with flying colors.”

3. Texting During Sacrament Meeting

11 People Who Had a Worse Sacrament Meeting than You
(Image via ldssmile.com)

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  1. I was the organist in a married student ward, and I was flying solo at church with my two daughters since my husband was home sick. I figured it would be easiest just to have them up on the stand with me since I’d be right there.

    While playing the prelude music, the younger daughter said she needed to go to the bathroom. I sent her with my older daughter to get the deed done before sacrament meeting started.

    They hadn’t returned before the opening prayer, so I was starting to get concerned. Finally – during the sacrament hymn – I heard them enter the chapel.

    Everyone heard them enter the chapel.

    There I was, trying to keep my cool while playing the hymn, as my children argued and cried at each other all the way up the aisle. Once they got to the stage, they came right up to the organ.

    Oldest (very angrily): “She was taking FOREVER!”
    Youngest (sobbing and very loudly): “BUT I WASN’T DONE WIPING!”

    I got through the hymn… barely. I pleaded with them to be reverent and sit down. A lot of that verse was top-hand only. The bishopric tried to be helpful, but my daughters weren’t having any of it.

    I laugh about it now (2 years later), but I was so embarrassed I almost puked.

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