LDS missionaries


Who We Are and Why We are Here is a fan page for LDS Missionaries.  It is NOT an official page of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. is a collaboration of a number of items that have been working in separate places, including the very popular Facebook page at

There is SO MUCH that we cannot do with a Facebook page, and this became apparent the longer we worked on the page and fielded responses from our fans.

For instance, it would be GREAT to have a place to go for missionary cartoons, but that doesn’t always correspond with the tenor of the page, which is to honor the missionaries as they spread the Gospel.

We have a separate page and “newsfeed” for Missionary News, for Missionary Blogs, for Missionary Videos, for Missionary-oriented Memes, for Missionary Resources, Missionary Cartoons and many other great resources.  And this is just phase one of this website. As we grow, we will add more. If you have any suggestions, please, let us know. We want to create a wonderful resource for missionaries, a fun fan page for fans of LDS Missionaries, and a gathering place for those who just love doing and supporting missionary work. Again, we are NOT the Church, nor are we an official site of the Church. The Facebook page and this page are grassroots-built pages that are run by everyday members of the Church, not by the organization of the Church.

Since we launched this page in July 2014, there have been amazing speeches from Elder Bednar, Elder Ballard and other leaders of the Church about spreading the gospel using the internet and social media. We are trying to do what they said with our Facebook page and with this website.

The Guys Behind the Curtain 🙂

Dale Jeffery is the chief admin of this site. He is the author of three well-known books for LDS Missionaries. He is one of seven children, all of whom went on LDS missions.  He has helped grow the LDS Missionaries Facebook fan page to the immense following it has today. He is also an avid collector of four-leaf clovers and has found more than 11,000. His wife, Ruth, served in the Puerto Rico San Juan LDS Mission, and they have two teenage sons.

Andy Proctor is a proud contributor to this site and is also the creator of and is the author of the book Live Your Mission, 21 Powerful Principles to Discover Your Life Mission, After your Mission. He served a full-time mission in Santiago Chile (West) when Preach My Gospel was first released in 2004 and has loved watching the Lord’s work being hastened as the years roll on. He taught Spanish at the Provo MTC to many wonderful Elders and Sisters and loves LDS Missionaries with all his heart. He is passionate about online missionary work and has written about it here. He is the son of Scot and Maurine Proctor, creators of Meridian Magazine. He and his lovely wife Stacie live in Huntington Beach, California.