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Here are 300+ of the best quotes by President Henry B. Eyring, organized by topic (A-Z). These quotes represent some of President Eyring’s most powerful messages from General Conference talks, First Presidency messages, BYU Devotionals, etc.


Quotes About Education By President Henry B. Eyring

Quotes From “Education For Real Life” (May 2001 CES Fireside)

  • When we put God’s purposes first, He will give us miracles. If we pray to know what He would have us do next, He will multiply the effects of what we do in such a way that time seems to be expanded.
  • It takes neither modern technology nor much money to seize the opportunity to learn in the moments we now waste. You could just have a book and paper and pencil with you. That will be enough. But you need determination to capture the leisure moments you now waste.
  • Too often we use many hours for fun and pleasure, clothed in the euphemism “I’m recharging my batteries.” Those hours could be spent reading and studying to gain knowledge, skills, and culture.
  • Our education must never stop. If it ends at the door of the classroom on graduation day, we will fail.
  • We cannot waste time entertaining ourselves when we have the chance to read or to listen to whatever will help us learn what is true and useful. Insatiable curiosity will be our hallmark.
  • A great teacher is always studying.

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President Henry B. Eyring: Everyone can find time to be a missionary
President Henry B. Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency, displays a plaque that has hung in his home for many years. It bears a quote inspired by President Gordon B. Hinckley: "My mission is to bless." (Matthew Reier, IRI; Image via deseretnews.com)

(Source: Deseret NewsLDS Church News Section)      

Latter-day Saints have covenanted to do all they can to help others gain and exercise the faith in the Lord that will lead them to qualify for the glorious blessing of eternal life, said President Henry B. Eyring at the 2015 Seminar for New Mission Presidents on June 26.

“Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ generates the power to make covenants and to keep them to the end,” said President Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency. “It is faith in the Lord that brings people to true repentance. It is faith in Jesus Christ that leads them to be baptized. It is faith in the Savior that leads them and all of us to always remember Him and thus have the Holy Ghost as our companion. And it is faith that will motivate us to pray always to the Father that we will not be overcome.

“Our greatest opportunity and our greatest challenge is to bear witness that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and that He gave His life for the sins of each of us.”

President Eyring began his remarks, titled “My Mission Is to Bless,” by sharing a memory from a similar seminar he attended long ago.

“I listened then as President Gordon B. Hinckley spoke. He didn’t say why every mission president and his wife had chosen to serve; instead he told them why the Lord had called them. He urged them to take this sentence as their personal charge: ‘My mission is to bless.’ ”

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