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“This is Jon Duane Perry, teaching his atheist bird Apollo some new tricks . . . I guess as long as Mormon missionaries don’t knock on the door, all should be fine.”

In case you haven’t guessed, all is not fine in this hilarious candid video from 2012, which features two poor missionaries whose teaching attempts are met with squawks and feathers! Let’s all pray for the missionaries out there who are feeling down because they have weeks full of knocking on atheist parrot doors.

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Watch this incredible video of returned missionaries speaking more than 50 languages!

This video is a compilation from the Prepare to Serve series, where returned missionaries share mission stories, cultural/travel advice, testimony, etc.

I’ve listened to 100s of mission stories…here are 5 of the most CRAZY and DANGEROUS situations missionaries have been in…

*Think these stories are crazy?? Watch a dozen more crazy stories.

*Watch 15 of the Most Spiritual Mission Stories.

*Disclaimer: Missions are one of the safest places for young adults to be. Though many missionaries have crazy stories, you should take into consideration that they are often sharing the craziest experience they had over the course of their mission.

*I should also let you know I’ve heard many dangerous mission stories that strengthen my testimony of the Lord’s care over His missionaries. Many, many dangerous situations have been evaded by simply listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Alex Boyé, a Latter-day Saint musician, released a cover with a special dedication in honor of the victims of the Brussels bombings, including the four injured missionaries.

LDS Daily reports that the song Boyé covered, “Something Inside So Strong,” was originally written by Labi Siffre in 1987. Boyé explained on Facebook that he was first inspired to write this song from experiences of being ridiculed for specific beliefs.

“Have you ever been ridiculed, isolated and shunned for your beliefs? Ever felt like you stand alone in just trying to do what’s good? That’s where the inspiration from this song originally came from,” Boyé explained on Facebook. “But after hearing the news of the attacks in Brussels, I felt really compelled to use this video as a tribute to the deceased and those injured, including our 4 missionaries caught in the blast.”

Read the full article at LDS.net.

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The Mormon Tabernacle Choir released the world’s largest virtual “Hallelujah” chorus Sunday.

Singers, choirs and fans all over the world uploaded a recording of themselves singing one of four parts (soprano, alto, tenor or bass) of the well-known “Hallelujah” chorus from George Frideric Handel’s “Messiah.” The choir received 2,500 video submissions from students, celebrities, politicians and vocalists from all over the world.

For more #Hallelujah videos go to Mormon.org.

Many returned missionaries have told me their most trying experience- contracting Typhoid Fever, getting stabbed, being stoned in the streets, etc. But this is probably the worst set of challenges I’ve ever heard of one missionary having to endure.

I’m amazed at how much this Sister persevered despite so much opposition. Enjoy the video!

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Since The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints lowered the qualifying age for missionaries in October 2012, the number of sister missionaries serving worldwide has tripled and now totals more than 22,000. The surge of sister missionaries recently caught the attention of ABC News’ “Nightline,” which aired a segment Tuesday titled “The New Face of Mormonism: Women.”

“For the first time, women are able to become missionaries when they turn 19 instead of 21,” correspondent Juju Chang says in the video. “It may sound like a tiny change, but it is marking a massive revolution.”

The interview features six sister missionaries from three continents who are serving in Orlando, Florida. All of the six missionaries are the first women to serve missions in their families. Chang joins the sister missionaries in door-knocking and teaching appointments. She even learns how to gracefully ride a bicycle in a skirt.

The sister missionaries are not fazed as they answer tough questions and share their testimonies. When asked about how she feels about not holding the priesthood, Sister Rachel Thomson from New Zealand provides a brief response.

“We have our own kind of power,” Thomson said.

Watch the video at ABC News.

Have you ever wanted to know which Native American tribes descended from the Nephites and Lamanites? Well, now you can. Amazing new DNA research shows Hebrew lineage in several Native American tribes in North America.

This video will amaze you.

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