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Twin brothers left at the same time on their LDS missions so they could also return at the same time, limiting the time the best friends would be apart.

The Meldrum twins from West Jordan have been inseperable for 18 years and then were apart for two. The plan to leave and return together mostly worked, but one brother arrived at the Salt Lake International Airport about 24 hours before the other.

He waited at the gate to be reunited with his twin before the two went out to rejoin their family after a two-year absence.

Watch Steven Crass’s coverage of the missionary’s wait and emotional reunion below:


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This is an epic story about a rebellious missionary who was swallowed by a figurative “whale”, turned around and successfully finished his mission.

Enjoy the story!

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Check out this new mission prep promo “What If” featuring JamesTheMormon. If you served a mission, you’ll totally be able to relate.

Derrick Trotman, a BYU student and former intern of Prepare to Serve produced this video in the style of Nike’s well-known Michael Jordan commercial “Maybe It’s My Fault“.

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A man had an incredible vision of the world while hiking in Russia. In his vision he saw white men with nametags and blue books. After the vision he searched online to try to discover who were the white men with nametags.  After a while of searching the man came across Mormon.org and referred himself to the missionaries.

Such a cool story!  God is a God of miracles and can be in our lives, if we let Him. Enjoy the video!

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Elders Benjamin Allen and Darren Lacusta were out tracting on their bikes in Houston, Texas, when they heard a sound that made them stop: a frightened kitten crying out. The missionaries began searching for the source of the noise, noticing the sound was coming from a nearby storm drain. The two lifted off a manhole cover and one crawled into the hole to help rescue the kitten.

Later, the Elders found a home for the kitten (which was named Stormy) with a local member. After taking the kitten to the vet, the member discovered the animal’s back leg had been broken and might have to be amputated.

However, Elder Allen’s father offered to pay for the kitten to be taken to a specialist and for a surgery that inserted pins into Stormy’s leg to help heal the break, according to Deseret News.

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Mormon.org recently released a “Mormon Beliefs” section on their YouTube channel that shares short videos tackling difficult questions, like what is the Book of Mormon, why do we have prophets, and what is the purpose of family.

This is the latest of the videos they have been working on that answers the question: What happens after we die?

With 151,600 deaths per day worldwide, this video will always be able to help someone. Watch it for yourself and share with your friends who might be asking this question. You never know who you might help by sharing this short and simple video.



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“This is Jon Duane Perry, teaching his atheist bird Apollo some new tricks . . . I guess as long as Mormon missionaries don’t knock on the door, all should be fine.”

In case you haven’t guessed, all is not fine in this hilarious candid video from 2012, which features two poor missionaries whose teaching attempts are met with squawks and feathers! Let’s all pray for the missionaries out there who are feeling down because they have weeks full of knocking on atheist parrot doors.

Watch the entire report here:



Watch this incredible video of returned missionaries speaking more than 50 languages!

This video is a compilation from the Prepare to Serve series, where returned missionaries share mission stories, cultural/travel advice, testimony, etc.

I’ve listened to 100s of mission stories…here are 5 of the most CRAZY and DANGEROUS situations missionaries have been in…

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*Disclaimer: Missions are one of the safest places for young adults to be. Though many missionaries have crazy stories, you should take into consideration that they are often sharing the craziest experience they had over the course of their mission.

*I should also let you know I’ve heard many dangerous mission stories that strengthen my testimony of the Lord’s care over His missionaries. Many, many dangerous situations have been evaded by simply listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.