Here are five photos you should be sure to take when you arrive in your first area.

1. Your Trainer

Your mission president may have snapped a picture of you and your first companion right before shipping you off to your new home, but if he didn’t, make sure that you take a photo of your trainer. Your family and friends will want a good look of the missionary you’re being entrusted to for the next six to twelve weeks! Write in your email home about your first impressions of your trainer. You’ll want to have a record in your own journal too of these important moments.

2. Your Apartment

Even if you’re serving a mission in the same country you grew up in, living situations are different all over the world. You’ll want a picture of your (probably) tiny apartment or space in a member’s home to remember years down the road, and it will be fun for your friends and family to get a look at the environment where you study, pray, and get those precious hours of sleep. I sent my parents a photo of the futon I slept on in Tokyo, Japan, and they couldn’t believe how different it was from my bedroom back in America!