Amazing Video Series from the Church: Two Brothers Two

Amazing Video Series from the Church: Two Brothers Two

Two Brothers Two: All the Episodes
(Image via Mormon Channel on YouTube)

Have you been craving a documentary series that is uplifting? Did you know that the Church made one? They followed a family of four boys through years of growth, change, and missions! So far, Sam has served and returned from his mission to Chile, and his younger brother Luke has started a mission in Cambodia.

Here are ALL of the videos from the series Two Brothers Two! We will update this page as the Church releases more.

Two Brothers Two: Meet Sam and Luke – Episode 1

Two Brothers Two: Finally Friends – Episode 2

Two Brothers Two: From Boys to Men – Episode 3

Two Brothers Two: Saving Lives and Reaching Dreams – Episode 4

Two Brothers Two: Preparing to Serve in Cambodia – Episode 5

Two Brothers Two: Teaching the Gospel in Cambodia – Episode 6

Two Brothers Two: Learning to Love Others First – Episode 7

Two Brothers Two: Mission Accomplished – Episode 8

Two Brothers Two: Facing the Future – Episode 9

Two Brothers Two: Miracles and Making a Difference – Episode 10

Two Brothers Two: Meet Tommy – Episode 11

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  1. Wow, this was so amazing to watch. It really touched me today – thank you for putting these all together! And thank you to these men for sharing their stories and inspiring so many!

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