5 Topics to Avoid Writing Your Missionary About

5 Topics to Avoid Writing Your Missionary About

5 Topics to Avoid Writing Your Missionary About
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Because of the drama surrounding letters and emails, P-day became a day of mixed emotions when I was serving my mission. Some missionaries loved getting emails and letters, but others dreaded emails and letters. Why did some love letters and others dread them?

Because some emails and letters are full uplifting messages from family and friends. But some emails and letters were full of bad news, or drama that stressed us out or made us homesick.
In one of my areas, we joked about skipping emails altogether! Because of all the negativity that came from the letters we talked about how we wished everyone would stop emailing us about certain things. Here are the 5 Topics To Avoid Writing Your Missionary:

1. “When You Get Home”

When a missionary gets near the end of their mission they are trying super hard to focus on the work, and not get “trunky”. The closer it gets the harder it becomes. It is extremely hard to do so when you’re getting emails that keep pulling your thoughts to “When you get home…” At one point on my mission, it got so bad I replied. “I am a missionary now, I’ll talk about home when I get home.”

I knew many missionaries that the last 2 transfers they just gave up, they got “Trunky”. They mentally were home, but physically on the mission still. It was just awful. The work would stall, and everyone was hurt due to trunky missionaries. Please help us focus, don’t email us about when we come home, ask us about the area! You should plan for things like college ahead of time.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing, I am the mother of a missionary , actually a returned missionary myself, and he is the last of the family, we are going through challenges that actually am hiding from him just because of what you just mentioned….. not inspiring and since he is 6 months from his coming back home, wow is hard to keep on focus, thx a lot!!! keep on !!!
    Indra O. Solano

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